Outhouse with Hilmar Jensson: Straw, Sticks + Bricks - Album launch tour 2011

2011 Live Dates

  1. 21/04:Bonington Theatre, Arnold Notts Tickets
  2. 22/04:Fleece Jazz, Stoke by Nayland Golf Club Tickets
  3. 23/04:The Forge, London Tickets
  4. 24/04:7 Arts Centre, Leeds Tickets
  5. 25/04:Gumble’s Jazz festival, Stafford Tickets
  6. 26/04:Schmazz @ The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne Tickets
  7. 27/04:Jazz Bar, Edinburgh Tickets
  8. 30/04:Cheltenham Jazz Festival Tickets
  9. 13/05:Le Periscope, Lyon (France) Tickets
  10. 14/05:AMR, Geneva (Switzerland) Tickets

2011 Ruhabi Live Dates

  1. 30/06:Bishopsgate, London
  2. 02/07:Vortex, London Tickets
  3. 19/11:Africolor Festival (Paris) Tickets
Straw Sticks Bricks
Robin Fincker
tenor sax & clarinet
Tom Challenger
tenor sax
Johnny Brierley
Dave Smith
Hilmar Jensson

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Outhouse began as a music project in a humble garden shed six years ago, but have now evolved into a group which is one of a swathe of bands heralding a new heyday for young British jazz music. The success of their inaugural recording acted as a launch pad for the musicians at the group’s core and each has gone on to become renowned individually for their work. They have collaborated with Gambian Wolof percussionists as their incarnation Outhouse Ruhabi, toured extensively across continents and have changed their core quartet line-up. Not content unless they are reconstructing their sound from a new perspective, the latest record Straw, Sticks and Bricks sees them collaborate with renowned Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson, known internationally through his work with Jim Black.

Outhouse launch their third record Straw, Sticks and Bricks with a UK tour and London album launch date featuring a solo set from Hilmar Jensson on April 23rd at The Forge in Camden. Buy London album launch tickets >

"... an imaginative collection that sparkles with energy and life"
All About Jazz, Bruce Lindsey >

Four stars
Guardian >

"Outhouse’s most varied record yet and arguably their best"
Ian Mann, The Jazz Mann >

Outhouse is part of the Loop Collective >

Outhouse performing live.
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